Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Who’s in your Corner?

Thank you for your terrific response to our introductory blog about Reverse Mortgages.

Today I’d like to address some of the concerns people have about Reverse Mortgages. We can all recount horror stories where good people are taken advantage of in matters of finance.

In fact, giving people the tools and knowledge to combat financial predators is why I established the Reverse Mortgage Helpdesk. I had my epiphany while visiting my grandparents nearby in Forest Park, Georgia. I noticed they started scaling back on spending, going on fewer outings, and expressing that though they would like to, they wouldn’t be purchasing birthday gifts for the grandkids anymore. When I talked to them about their lifestyle changes, I learned that while their basic, everyday living expenses were climbing, their social security and retirement money was not keeping pace. Considering my experience in the mortgage industry, I looked into a Reverse Mortgage for them. I can’t say I found the information very clear or concise. And I definitely found a disparity in rates and services among Reverse Mortgage providers.

It turned out my grandparents did qualify and take advantage of a Reverse Mortgage. It was very fulfilling to see them start living again. They finished their basement, added a bathroom to their lower level, and returned to a more enjoyable social life. They experienced a happy ending through a Reverse Mortgage and were my inspiration to start the Reverse Mortgage Helpdesk.

We are here to talk about the times when you’re not sure who’s in your corner—when you don’t have that trusted someone in the industry to guide your questions and concerns. I ran across this ABC News Report offering the some precautionary advice: Reverse Mortgages can be extremely beneficial, but people need to be careful whom they work with because some banks can charge exorbitant fees.

Our teams are here to arm you and your loved ones with the information you need to make rational, informed decisions. We know that a Reverse Mortgage, when done right and in the right circumstances, can be a blessing for many people. We equally believe it is not the right decision for everyone.

What can we answer to help you determine what’s right for your situation?
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We look forward to helping you.


Brandon S. Smith
President & CEO, the Reverse Mortgage Helpdesk